Forging a New Path

new-pathI’ve just made a big change in my life. I’ve left an amazing company called Infusionsoft, that’s on a worthwhile mission, where I worked with a talented leadership team that I had the pleasure of solving big problems for small business with, where I got to mentor smart ambitious people and teams, in a high-powered and high-paying job that I loved.

But it’s time for something new.

I’m now pursuing the unknown. Literally, the unknown. Armed with ideas, passionate views, a beginner’s mind and an entrepreneurial nature, the future is bright.

For the first time in a very long time, I am going to be patient with myself. I’m going listen to myself. Really pay attention to my inner being and observe the world to discover the big, scary, exhilarating, extraordinary possibilities that I can create. I know in the core of my being it’s the right thing to do, and that my leap of faith is exactly where I should be.

For the first time, I don’t have a story with a neat bow on it. And it feels liberating. You see, I’ve spent the better part of my life working my ass off pursuing success. And to most people, from the outside it looks like I’m doing all the right things. But my definition of success has changed. A new kind of success. A road less traveled. One that is more meaningful to me. Success that makes more of the kind of difference in the world that I am passionate about through bold ideas and change-inspiring action.

I believe more than ever before that my life’s purpose matters, and that any further delayed action is just an excuse. An excuse for comfort and security, for looking good, for being safe. Now I’m doing the work to acknowledge and do something about it. This time I’m willing to dedicate more of myself to the pursuit. I know that I can make the world different because I lived in it.

I’m forging a new path. I’m committed to being honest and open about it.

This is where you can follow me along my new path as I dig in and explore this new terrain. Come and connect with me on Twitter at @kathysacks.




Man, Blogging is Hard

It’s been a year since my last post. And that post was my one and only. Ever. On this personal site of mine. Lame, I know. I’m blogging at Infusion Blog now where I head up communications. But that’s no excuse for ignoring my inner voice for blogging here.

But man it’s hard. Life. Work.Family. Procrastinating. Sleep. Some more life and work. Etc. Etc. It all gets in the way. Prolific marketing blogger Jason Baer will tell you that’s just an excuse. And he’s right. What’s even more is that I work on a team where I counsel my peers and others in the org around the importance of personal brand and content. I’m leading the initiative at Infusionsoft for my fellow execs to be more engaged on our blog, to contribute meaningfully and much more often.And yet I’ve still resisted personal blogging.

My resolution today though is less about personal brand and more about the learning experience of blogging, the challenge of writing everyday and the learnings that it brings. I thank Joe Manna for his  weekly nudges. Chris Brogan talks about how he writes daily and what he’s learned on how that discipline improves his work and life. I found it inspiring.

Some of my resistance and excuses were that I’ve long thought there should be one theme for my blogging here, like marketing or women in technology or social media or who-news-what. I’ve wondered, what’s the tagline up top to the left under my name going to be? Most of the blogs I follow are pretty narrowly focused.

The other was around expectations. Does it mean I have to write everyday? How can I keep up quality and interest? Also lame. I’m a student of communications in the broader sense and writing is core to my craft.

So today I break the seal, to use an analogy from my college happy-hour laden days.

Bear with me as I meander and find my rhythm. I may get narrowly focused at some point. Or not. Time will tell. Some will be great. Some will be just ok. But I’ll stop making excuses and start prioritizing it as part of my work week. And most of all I’ll try and be honest and informative as best I know how. You have my word. Either way, I’m excited.

Because I know that practice makes prolific–one post at a time.

Next chapter begins now

I’ve been a free agent for some time. I started Sacks PR with visions of grandeur that we quickly started to bring to fruition, growing the business with numerous reputable clients and an expanding employee base. And while all that was great, back then I found myself wanting to shift gears, changing the business model to more of a small consultancy vs big PR firm. In this new model, I became the lead consultant, acting as a VP of marketing/communications for fast-growth tech companies that may not have access to someone with this type of experience level. I love it because I only work with a small handful of companies at a time. It allows me to not only provide strategy, but also execution, and more importantly keeps me close to the CEO and the rest of the leadership team providing maximum impact. I have a no a-hole rule, only working with people I like and respect, and I’ve never broken the rule. Life is good.

Not much has changed over the last couple years—until now. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be joining a client company.  It’s a company that I’ve worked with for years and proudly watched them evolve from it’s pre-venture backed days with about 30 employees to now, what has become a force in the small business market quadrupling in size and boasting a large and fiercely loyal customer base.

It’s not often that a company comes along like Infusionsoft. The culture, the CEO, the executive team, and the product—each aspect is truly unparalleled. Blogger Francine Hardaway said it best when she visited Infusionsoft recently and blogged about it. “I didn’t know Infusionsoft was so cool” she said.

This company and the product it provides, to a market desperately in need of tools that help them grow and free up their time to better balance life, serves a purpose like no other software I’ve seen. I’ve become super-passionate about it from a customer’s perspective too because we use Infusionsoft to run another business my husband and I have, Jump Athletic. And I could not run or grow the business without it. Infusionsoft is the real deal. And so when Infusionsoft’s co-founder and CEO Clate Mask approached me with this new role, VP of Communications, I had to say yes. More details are in this press release Infusionsoft issued today.

I’m proud to join Clate and the entire team at Infusionsoft. I start next week, Monday February 8. What they’ve accomplished so far is admirable and enviable for every entrepreneur. And 2010 promises to be a big-time pivotal year. I can’t be more excited to be part of that effort.