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The Main Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing May 7, 2015

Recruitment Process

The Main Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Outsourcing has become a really lucrative possibility for reducing enterprise costs and benefiting from efficiency. Companies outsource a vast range of their processes and employment is one of the common options.

Is recruitment process outsourcing the right possibility for your company? The numerous advantages associated to finding another company to handle the task are undoubted. Here are some of the most common reasons that make companies outsource the recruitment process.

Reduced Costs
This is the most obvious and one of the biggest reasons for choosing recruitment process outsourcing.

Opting for on-demand staffing services will obviously reduce the expenses associated to managing human resources on your own. High turnover rates and the amounts needed to handle recruitment in-house both contribute to the loss of money. Employment agencies increase the efficiency of the process and they know what it takes to pick the right candidates.

Wasting time on a very long and cumbersome recruitment process can also lead to losses because of decreased productivity.

More Effective Recruitment
Apart from being less expensive, outsourced recruitment is much more efficient.

The job market has become very competitive, especially in some of the hottest industries. For many organizations, in-house recruitment processes aren’t the most effective possibility. The current staff may lack the experience to fulfill the company’s staffing needs, to handle emergencies and decrease the amount of time needed to find the right professionals. In addition, the in-house team may be limited by the location, lacking the resources needed to carry out a national campaign.

An employment agency can reach a bigger pool of candidates, which ultimately results in a higher level of efficiency and more targeted efforts. In addition, recruitment companies have access to various passive candidates that individual businesses aren’t necessarily looking at.

Scalability and Flexibility
In-house recruitment is a stiff process that isn’t easily scalable. Outsourcing the search for new employees simplifies scaling up or down, depending on the company’s current staffing needs.

Outsourcing the recruitment process is excellent for the companies that are experiencing rapid expansion, for the ones looking for very niche professionals and for the ones that are growing through a serious change in their recruitment capacity.

Higher Quality of the Candidates
Recruitment professionals specialize in searching for the right candidates. They know how to sort through the applications and how to pick the professionals that will be a good match for a particular company.

Hiring managers look beyond the resume of the candidates. They know that good professionals have more than the right education and the many years of experience in the field. When companies are pressed by time, they may choose candidates on the basis of superficial qualities. Thus, the recruitment process will fail delivering the right results and the procedure will probably have to be repeated in the near future.

Outsourcing the recruitment process gives businesses competitive advantage and access to a huge talent pool. The fact that such services are incredibly cost-efficient adds to the attractiveness of the possibility even further. Finding the right recruitment experts and knowing how to make the most of the opportunity will result in complete satisfaction with the outcome and an array of advantages for your business.

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Need-To-Know facts On Executive Search Agency

Executive Search Agency

Need-To-Know facts On Executive Search Agency – Companies are now hiring the services of Executive Search Agencies for the employment of their top management positions. Recruitment of new staff can be a challenging practice. This becomes more critical when the stakes are large as is the case when hiring CEOs or CFOs.

The vetting process is time-consuming and wasteful of resources that can be utilized in ways that directly contribute to the productivity.

Executive Search agencies offer a solution to this problem by undertaking the recruitment process for senior, executive or highly skilled professions in a particular field. The Executive Search Agencies usually tend to ‘poach’ high profile employees from competing firms.

These organizations have significantly reduced cases of ‘bad hires’ as they subject the potential employees through a thorough screening process. So, just how do these Executive Search Agencies go about recruiting top-level employees?

Most of these Executive firms will have a profound knowledge about the industry or have inside contacts to tip them on the performance of individual employees. They then take the prospective employees through a series of interviews before presenting successful candidates for further vetting.

To smoothen the entire process, they are provided with a list of attributes that serve as guidelines while they conduct background checks on the potential employees. What should you know about the Executive Search Agencies?

o    Interviewees Don’t Have To Pay

The Executive Search Agencies are paid by the client company. They are usually paid a certain percentage of the job’s first annual compensation. This is subject to having the position filled and not the interviews. The agency usually keeps in their database a list of potential candidates who are called whenever a job suiting their specifications arises.

The interviewee isn’t supposed to pay the agency as it has been contracted by the hiring firm.

o    There Is A Big Difference Between A Retainer And A Contingency Search Agency

Retainer and contingency agencies are the two types of recruiters for executive positions. They have key differences and should not be taken to mean the same thing. Contingency–fee agencies are usually paid a certain percentage of the candidate’s fee on successful filling of the position.

They usually handle mid-level executives with a salary not exceeding $80,000. Retained executive firms, on the other hand, handle high-level executives with salary ranges of between $80,000 and $500,000. These firms are given executive rights to recruit on behalf of their agents and operate on a retainer basis.

This means that they get paid even if the position is not filled. They are entitled to about 20% to 30% of the employee’s first income.

o    Some Executive Search Agencies Specialize

Most agencies do not discriminate on any industry and will conduct interviews for any firm. A few have attempted to specialize and have ended up becoming more popular especially to the job-seekers.

o    Recruiting Is Done On A National Scale

To benefit from the full blend of talents, Executive Search Agencies do not limit their services to regional boundaries. They conduct nationwide headhunts, and when the job-level is extremely high, they can go beyond a country’s boundaries as is with most multi-national companies.

In conclusion, the roles being played by the Executive Search Agencies cannot be undermined. Many companies have benefited by getting the most qualified and competent employees to steer their objectives.

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Choosing Between Executive Search Firms

Executive Search Firms

Choosing Between Executive Search Firms – Any organization can only ever be as good as the people who work there which mean that choosing the right personnel for your company can be the difference between success and failure.  Finding the right people for your organization is big business and needs some big decision making and using the right executive search firms can make the job a whole lot easier.

But how do you know which firm will provide the best services for your business needs? These firms were certainly not all created equally and there is no one size fits all solution.
Here are a few of the things you need to think about when choosing the right executive search firms to find the best people to help your business to thrive.

The Process
You need to identify the process they use in order to qualify prospects as well as manage the whole search process in itself. Will they primarily rely on a database of prospects, perhaps they will advertize the position on a notice-board. Do they actively recruit both active and passive talent for such positions? You must also be sure that the search firm you choose will be a credible ambassador and create the right impression for your organization. Any firm which you employ is a direct reflection of the company / brand. You need to know a little bit about their principals, their reputation within the business community and level of professionalism.

The Searcher
It is important to know exactly who will be responsible for handling the search for an executive for your company or organization. Will they give this project to their best people and mark it as a top priority. What professional credentials do these potential recruiters have? Will you be able to keep in contact with them throughout the search?

Industry Specific Knowledge
Specialized industries require specialized skills and there are some recruitment agencies which specialize in specific areas. You need to be sure that your chosen executive search firm has the necessary knowledge of your business and your industry in order for them to apply leverage to a well established contact network and know exactly which skills and talents are needed to fulfill the role to its full potential.

What About Post Search Services
If the search firm you used conduct post hire integration services for new hires it can be extremely beneficial for your company and help everything to integrate smoothly and quickly. Firms which provide a good service will usually keep in contact with candidates they have placed which can help to prevent or troubleshoot any problems which may occur in the future.

What About Guaranteed Time Periods for New Hires
What if this newly hired executive quits after a short period of time? The best search firms will provide a back-up plan with a replacement guarantee if the new placement throws in the towel within a pre-set amount of time.
All of these things and more can make a huge difference to the service you can expect from your chosen firm and the quality of the candidates they will present for your employ.

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How do Recruiting Agencies Work?

Recruiting Agencies

How do Recruiting Agencies Work? Interested in trying the services of an employment agency? Having a good idea about how it works will be essential for making up your mind. Here are all of the basics that you need to know when it comes to the interactions between clients and recruiting agencies.

Services Offered to Businesses
When working with companies, recruitment businesses are responsible for hiring new employees and for the termination of contracts. Payroll and social security issues are also dealt with by the agency.

The process itself is relatively simple.

A business identifies a particular hiring need. The company may decide to carry out internal recruiting or the company may immediately look for the services of recruiting agencies. The two entities come to an agreement about the terms and the conditions. The hiring deadline will also be set in advance.

The agency will be given a recruitment specification that has to be referenced to during the hiring process. Once the agency has sufficient amounts of information, it can begin looking for the best candidates for the position.

Finding the right candidates can happen in many ways. Recruitment companies already have a database and it will be used to figure out whether a suitable candidate is already included in the list. Advertising the position or relying on websites like LinkedIn can also help recruiters find suitable professionals.

Face-to-face communication, emails and phone conversations are used to filter out the candidacies and shortlist only the best individuals for the position. The recruiter will ask select candidates whether their details can be revealed to the company looking for an employee. When this happens, the information is sent to the client. If the company approves a candidate, the process ends there. Alternatively, the recruiter will have to keep on looking.

A recruitment agency makes money by asking for a percentage of the hired professional’s base salary. A fee for the services of the company could also be demanded. For most companies, this is the most cost-efficient solution. Wasting a lot of time on finding a good candidate for the job can lead to the loss of a serious amount of money. Thus, the selection of the right staffing agency is one of the most affordable hiring possibilities.

Services Offered to Professionals
Professionals can submit their resumes for inclusion in a staffing agency’s database. This inclusion happens free of charge since the cost of the process is covered by the company looking for employees.

As a part of the process, individuals looking for a job will need to meet with a rep of the agency. This professional will ask questions about professional goals to discover the best position for each individual using the services.

Whenever a suitable position becomes available, a representative of the agency will contact all suitable candidates. The amount of time that professionals have to wait until they get an interview depends entirely on their qualifications, specializations and experience.

Both workers and companies can benefit from the interactions with a recruitment agency. Cost-efficient and time saving, such partnerships will also result in high quality of the candidates. The process is simple and the fees are negligible in comparison to the cost of looking for the right professional over a very long period of time. Finding the right agency for the job will benefit all parties involved.

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Benefits Of Using Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies

Benefits Of Using Recruitment Agencies – In the face of growing competition from internal recruitment teams, job boards and social networking, many industry commentators had forecasted the decline of recruitment agencies or staffing agencies. However, this has not been the case, and recruitment agencies have continued to snowball thanks to their unrivalled benefits when it comes to helping job seekers and employers get what they are looking for. Apparently, if you are a proprietor and you do not have time, resources, or expertise to manage employment processes, then it would make perfect sense to use recruitment agencies to perform recruitment and selection process for your company. There are various advantageous benefits of using a recruitment agency for your potential employees’ selection and recruitment.  Some of these benefits include;


Recruitment agencies can play a focal role in lowering the costs of selection and recruitment of employees. Compared to following other avenues such as hiring competent personnel to recruit applicants, recruitment agencies are cost effective. All the cost that you would have incurred in pre-employment vetting, drug screening, and background investigation are given a wide berth simply by letting a recruitment agency handle the entire employment process.

Saves Time

Better time management is another key benefit using recruitment agencies. Apparently, when you are looking for an employee, time is usually of the essence. With the business market being heavily punctuated with fierce completion, employers ought to stay ahead of the curve; moving as quickly as possible to capitalize on every chance of that catapults their success. This can only be possible if your recruitment process is streamlined and quickly as possible thanks to staffing agencies.

Knowledge of the Market

Recruitment agencies always have their fingers on the pulse of their specialist market; hence, they have extensive knowledge of the best candidates that would suit the job vacancies in your company. In fact, most employment agencies have a level of expertise hat far exceeds many employers’ human resource departments. Therefore, if you are looking for the best candidate to fill a vacancy in your company, your best bet would be finding such a candidate via recruitment agencies due to their strong and skilled selection process. Recruitment agencies make sure that they precisely deliver the right candidate based on their extensive knowledge and the information submitted by the both the potential employee and employer.


Recruitment agencies generally have a larger network of available workers. They know the available talent, where they are, and how to best to reach them. They know the salary rates of potential employees, their career expectations and their available skill-sets. With all this crucial information thanks to the recruitment agencies wide spectrum of network, you are guaranteed that you will get the right candidate for the job you are offering.

Employer Brand

By getting the right employees from recruitment agencies, you slowly build the kind of employer brand you want. Many big companies spent tons of time and resources in developing a robust employer brand. However, you can create this kind of brand by working hand in hand with recruiting agencies. Having a good employer brand helps in attracting the best candidates in the market to work for you.

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